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Write reviews about your doctors online! You can rate your doctors by: Wait Time, Bedside Manner, and Overall Experience.

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Send and receive Secure Messages to and from your doctors anytime of the day. Have a question about a blood test report or billing? Send a secure message through our HIPAA compliant platform.

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Keep track of all of your medical expenses through DocMate. You can manage upcoming medical bills and past due bills using the medical expenses feature!

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Enter your Medical History information on our secure HIPAA compliant website and you can share it with a click of a button with any doctor you like so you don’t have to fill in new patient paperwork every time you go to a new doctor!

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Keep your family of doctors in one place. Access your doctors, appointments, messaging, reviews etc all on DocMate!


You can refer your friends and family to your favorite doctors and in return earn points to buy goodies online!

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